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Packaging of guar gum, depolymerised, carbonised, Methyle tamarised are very critical operation. Since it has to be done in such a way that preserves the highly delicate product in good condition for a long time. 
thus, organisation places high level of care in the packaging operation and after packaging the product is shipped out.
The entire packing operation is has been standardized after several discussion with our overseas Clients.
1. Polyethylene (PE) lined White paper bag are used.
2. Inside the paper bag ,we are using additional PE liner of an ave. 80 gms total weight. The printing gum is filled in this additional liner and then placed inside the paper bag as described.
3. To protect the white paper bag,we again cover it with LD PE bag, an ave 50 gms total wt.,So that during transportation, no damage is done to the bags. Before loading in the Container, the bahs are pallatised and covered by polythene sheet to protect from the weather conditions.
Equal number of bags for each stacking will be put. Cardboard at the bottom and top of Each pallet will be put. Putting one or two bags on top will be avoided.
Lot number and Net weight will be printed on paperbag.