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The unit occupies an area of 10,000 sq feet. The combined production capacity of manufacturing modified TKP and Guar Gum is 3000 mts / annum. It has also additional blending capacity to produce tailer made products for the customers. 
The company has installed three reactors, one is having 1000 kgs capacity and two for 500 kgs capacity. There are two high speed ultrafine Grinding machines producing 250 kgs / hour. There are two 5000 kgs blender fitted with sieve to remove oversize particles. Export packing is as per the customer specifications. 
Quality assurance dept takes care of the testing of the parameters laid down for the Reactors. Ultrafine and the lots coming out the blending machine. All batches, all lots ( 5000 kgs each ) and the composite samples of the 20 mts. container.
The workers are well trained to handle modification of TKP and Gaur Gum in the reactors.
All steps in the procedure are displayed on the machines, parameters are documented and departmental quality control checks are introduced to quality standards every batch.
So far in the span of 12 months, 2400 mts has been exported. We can now say Customers are getting closer to us. The quality control and application laboratory are well equipped and have all the instruments and apparatus including Brookfield Viscometer DVI = model, HTHP steamer atc. to conduct the test as per the guide lines laid down. For performance of the thickeners, prints are taken on the fabric fixed by HTHP Steamer and measure the depth and tone of the colour prints by spectrophotometer.